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The ewes for sale below are in-lamb to this stud from our sire battery- 
Maple Ridge Jamieson

Jamieson is a 100% pure Dailley (no Flett, Flock Book or English genetics) musket ram from Tut and Linda Doane's program, one of the founding flocks in North America that has been closed to outside genetic influence. So he is as close to the Islands as you can get. He looks like a Shetland looked like back when they came to this continent. He comes to us from our dear friends, Lonnie and Teresa Good. 

We are eagerly anticipating his lambs in the upcoming crop.

Come walk through the pasture with me and we'll talk more about these sheep. There are blacklisted people I will not allow these animals to be resold to and buyers will agree to sign an agreement with those terms. There are more ewes and a few ewe lambs out in the pastures that I am willing to sell to start new cooperative flocks.