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Targeted Grazing

Vegetation Management

Targeted grazing is a tool for wise stewardship of resources. Whether you're trying to keep noxious weeds in check or reduce fire fuels and the need for mowing, targeted grazing is a tried and true, natural method for managing vegetation. This practice is a net carbon sink; it takes atmospheric carbon and sequesters it in the soil and in delicious meat and soft, warm wool!

Back to the future... Looking back to traditional breeds and methodology is proving successful as a regenerative practice.

Contact us for rates and estimates.

Targeted Grazing Servi​ces

Rates depend on location, distance from headquarters and fencing needs to ensure the most successful project. 

Past projects have included working with USFS in Colorado, targeting noxious neophyte species like oxeye daisy, scentless chamomile, musk thistle and Canadian thistle, and browsing invasive native species like snowberry to preserve open grassland. We have worked extensively with private landowners, targeting noxious neophyte species like cheatgrass, bulbous bluegrass and jointed goatgrass in the spring to reduce seed bank and encourage regeneration of native perennial species.  Winter grazing was on hayfield residue, fence rows and ditch banks to eliminate the need to burn. 

In Oregon our girls are currently browsing blackberries, tansy and hawthorn, grazing where mowing would be a necessity and mitigating fire fuels. We also look forward to more silviculture projects.